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Tuesday, February 18, 2003

River Dell runs wild in the ATL

It's been a few days since my last post, but I have a good reason I promise. My old high school friend Dan was in town from New Jersey as well as another friend that is at UGA Law School, Jon, thus I had to show them around.

I could recap the entire weekend, but that would be boring. But here are some of the highlights:

1. Sushi is expensive...especially at Genki. Dan was able to flex his muscles of fine Chinese beers.
2. Fado, a pub, in Buckhead...not so great. I am biased because I'm not a big fan of that kind of bar.
3. The difference between The Hand In Hand and The Darkhorse in the Highlands, is that The Hand In Hand is a larger, more upscale, less crowded bar with a great atmosphere, while The Darkhorse just sucks due to its small, overly-crowded feel and "run of the mill" bar attitude.
4. Dan's face while getting a lap dance at The Cheetah was priceless, and one of those moments that you will always remember about a friend.
5. There are a bunch of southern plantations in the metro-Atlanta area, much like the ones from Gone with the Wind. It was an amazing history lesson and proof that hard heads like Jon can still enjoy some of our country's history.
6. Midtown is cooler than any other part of Atlanta to party in. The Front Page News in midtown is better than the one in Little Five Points. The newly renovated Club 1150 is wilder with the new additions.
7. A blizzard a day prior to returning home can cause some travel issues, i.e. Dan is stuck in Atlanta until at least Thursday...3 days longer than expected.

More to come later....


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