Mark Richards


Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Another Season Comes To An End

Another disappointing season for Team Bad Guy has mercifully come to an end. Last night we completed our fourth season with an 11-9 loss and sending our record to a bountiful 3 wins and 7 losses. That record is even worse than it looks since we won our first two games. The worst part about last night's game was that we didn't beat ourselves with errors or by not hitting. We just got flat out beat by a team that is not better than us, in my humble opinion.

We learned last night that there would be no doubleheader summer league due to heavy field maintenance. That was rather disappointing. We may join a different league, but the other league is rather expensive, so I am going to have to consider this strongly. On a positive note, we have been notified here at work that Turner Sports Interactive will be putting together a couple of softball teams. This is excellent news for a few reasons: it is free of charge to me, it will keep my skills sharp, and best of is co-ed! ;-)


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