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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Keep Me Happy...Or Else!

If my hard-working attitude and pleasant demeanor are not enough, here are a couple more reasons that my employers should try to make me happy and keep me around.

On Monday, there was a robbery at The Bank of New York in Rutherford, NJ...the branch I worked at for two summers. Thankfully nobody was hurt. Apparently the guy walked into the branch with a fake gun, sat down at one of the platform desks, and asked for money. Nothing too out of the ordinary. The interesting part is that he worked a block away on the same street at a pizzeria. I remember going there to pick up lunch occasionally and from what I am told, he was working there at the same time as well. What was this guy thinking? Why would you rob a bank that is fifty yards away from where you work? Very intelligent.

My first job out of school was at a pool chemical company called BioLab here in Georgia. Yesterday, one of BioLab's warehouses in Conyers, GA had a massive chemical fire. I did not frequent the facility often, but I had been there once or twice. Once again, thankfully nobody was hurt. At this time, they do not know the cause of the fire. What they do know is that the chemical filled smoke traveled dozens of miles and made it all the way into South Carolina, which is not a short distance. The pictures of the smoke bellowing out of the building are pretty amazing.

Apparently my prior employers need to watch out for bad events happening in the near future. Lockheed Martin in Greenville, SC beware!

Hmmm...I hope this poor track record does not keep me from getting jobs in the future?!


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