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Thursday, July 08, 2004

Nice Job A-Hole!

A few weeks ago I decided that I wanted a blue iPod mini. Being that I am slightly obsessive, that meant I needed to properly label (song titles, artists, and genres) all of my mp3s prior to putting them on the iPod, and rip a bunch of other songs off of the CD's I own. While this process has been long and frustrating, it is not nearly as frustrating as my attempt to purchase the actual iPod mini device.

Let's get one thing straight...I understand that the colored iPod minis are in high demand and very difficult to find anywhere. Why are they out of stock everywhere? You can decide for yourself. But that is not the issue. I received some highly classified information that a certain camera/audio/video store in the Atlanta area carried the iPod mini. I gave them a call in the morning when they first opened and checked on the availability. To my surprise they had a couple of the blue ones still in stock, so I excitedly asked them to hold one for me until I had a chance to pick it up at lunch. The guy on the phone said "sure thing"...obviously I should have gone to pick it up right away.

A couple hours later, after leaving work on my lunch hour and driving twenty minutes, I arrived at the store. I go up to the counter and tell the guy that I am there to pick up my iPod. He reaches back, takes a box off the self, and shows it to me. I asked him if it was the blue one (because it looked silver to me) and he said no. I asked him what happened since I had called and reserved one and was told that I was all set. He said that someone called and wanted the only two blue iPod minis they had left and he gave them to that customer instead. He said that he "tried" to get the customer to take the silver one, but they wanted the two blues. And without much resistance, he gave them to the other person, thus screwing me out of what I was promised a mere few hours ago. What an a-hole! I could have made a scene and/or argued, but that was not going to get me anywhere since they had no more iPods to give me...and I was not about to take the silver one. I am not going to spend $250+ on something that is not exactly what I want. Once again, what an a-hole!

Now the search must continue.

I have decided to not reveal the name of the store in question, not to protect them but so I do not drive any more business to them. Although they may be jackasses, I am sure that will not stop desperate iPod mini searchers from giving them their business. Not on my watch though. Screw this place!

And just in case you did not get it the first time, what an a-hole!


  • Arg! So for 3 weeks I've been tracking green and blue iPod minis around the state to no avail either. I finally caved on Wednesday and ordered them both off the Apple Store - scheduled to ship in 4 weeks. I'm sure the global launch late July is the reason we are all struggling but come on! Build another factory dammit! So I have a green one for the lady and the blue one for me and if you get it first from a store I'll have to cry since I had no joy...

    By Blogger Adam, at 2:29 PM  

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