Mark Richards


Monday, February 28, 2005

Handing Out Thanks

I would like to thank everybody and everything that has made is impossible to blog over the past two weeks:

  • All the sick people who have worn down my immune system until my body finally gave in to the germs

  • The Greatest Show on Earth

  • Accenture and the WGC for holding a match play tournament only once a year

  • My fiance for wanting a nice wedding

  • Myself, for not wanting to be as fat as I am in this picture, or this one, at the wedding.

  • Atlanta traffic

  • Guns 'N Roses cover band, Appetite For Destruction, their great music, and excellent party atmosphere

  • Michael Jackson...if something is wrong, he is usually behind it.

  • Team Bad Guy softball

  • and finally, The Academy, for putting together a relatively uninteresting show and giving awards to movies that most of mainstream America could not care less about (see The Aviator)

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