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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Super Successful

Sarah and I hosted a Super Bowl on Sunday and the exit polls are looking rather favorable. We entertained 16 people in our apartment, made a huge platter of chicken nachos, and brought in 5 pizzas and 100 wings...mmm mmm good.

I would say that the Super Bowl party was super successful and here's why:

1. While watching an episode of Food 911 on the Food Network, I learned an excellent recipe for chicken nachos using rotisserie chicken and a homemade cheese sauce. I prepared the dish for all the guests and they loved it. The nachos went like wildfire, and there were so popular that a couple of people have already asked for the recipe. Not that I want to give away all my secrets, but here is a freebie.

2. The game was good. I was pulling for the Patriots over the Eagles despite the Eagles having two former Clemson players starting on defense. What made the game more enjoyable was the betting that went on during it. We played a game where the we picked the right-most digit of the score for each team at the end of each quarter. Lucky for me, I won three of the four quarters and made back a few of the bucks I spent buying all the food.

3. I have been a little down on the fact that a bunch of my friends are moving or have already moved away from Atlanta recently, but this get-together made me feel a little better. It was nice having a bunch of people over for a good time where everybody could see and/or meet other friends of ours.

Thanks to Brian for taking a few pics of the extravaganza.


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