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Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Sadly enough, our best game

Sadly enough, Team Bad Guy had its best game last night in a losing effort 23-12. We started off strong putting up five runs in our half of the first inning, but decided that we didn't want the lead, so we dropped a few easy fly balls in the outfield and gave up five unearned runs making the score 5-5 after one. But for once, the bats were alive and Team Bad Guy recaptured the lead with three more runs. Our opponents were strong though and tied the game up at eight at the end of two. With a new found confidence at the plate (by actually being in a game), we regained the lead with three more runs 11-8. A couple errors in the bottom of the third allowed the other team to tie the game up at eleven. An excited Team Bad Guy put up only one run in the top of the fourth. And that's when things went wrong. Fly ball after fly ball was dropped by each and every outfielder allowing our opponents to take a substantial lead on a whole bunch of unearned runs. Final score: 25-12. That's pretty bad considering we were in the game until of the bottom of the fourth inning.

Positives from the game:
  • We hit the ball fairly well and consistently

  • We actually got to play five innings (nice change from 3)

  • We have the potential to beat every team we've played thus far

  • Negatives from the game (the short version):
  • We field like crap and cannot catch a fly ball

  • We field like crap and cannot catch a fly ball

  • We field like crap and cannot catch a fly ball

  • I almost had fun last night though. I was 3-4 at the plate and should have been 4-4 except for some poor base running from teammates (another negative from the game). Unfortunately, my good night doesn't translate to a win for us. I don't ask for much, but I would like to win one game. Only one. That's not too hard is it?

    I swear I'll have fun one of these games.


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