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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Terrific Tuesdays

I really enjoy Tuesdays. Currently my Tuesdays include ballroom dance lessons and The Amazing Race. In a few weeks, the dance lessons will be complete and softball will be back in full pun intended. Domino's pizza has a commercial talking about how much Tuesday sucks, but for me, it is a day that I look forward to the entire week.

Why ballroom dance lessons? So Sarah and I do not look like fools during the first dance at our wedding reception. Thus far we have learned the Foxtrot, Swing, and the Waltz. As far as wedding dances go, the Foxtrot is where it is at. It is a versatile dance that is controlled, elegant, and smooth...perfect for a multitude of songs. Swing is always fun, but it is much more difficult to look good swing dancing due to the upbeat tempo of the music. The Waltz sucks...bottom line. I am not sure what exactly makes the Waltz so unbearable, but I think it is the accompanying music. I find it very humorous to watch the facial expressions and body language of my fellow classmates when we begin going over the Waltz. It truly is a life draining experience.

I would consider myself a reality TV buff. I have seen many of the programs that stations have to offer and would consider myself an aficionado. For the longest time, if asked the question "What is the best reality show on television?", the response would have been Survivor. Ask the same question now and my answer would be The Amazing Race. I have thought long and hard about what makes The Race so enjoyable to watch and I think that I have narrowed it down to a few points including the awesome destinations, the unique and creative challenges, the non-torturous environment, and the fact that anything actually can happen. If I had the chance to be on any reality show, this would be it. I know I would do well on Survivor, but The Race is a different sort of beast. In The Amazing Race, you can outwit, outplay, and outlast (so goes the Survivor motto) and still lose because your stinkin' cab driver gets stuck in traffic...will not drive up on the curb to go around...because he cannot understand a word you are saying...because you do not speak the same random language he speaks...nor does he care since it is not his race for $1 million. I just flat out love it!

Softball is right around the corner and I am pretty jazzed up about it. From what I am hearing, I will be playing shortstop this year, which is the only position I never played growing up. During our practices over the past few weeks, I spent most of my time fielding ground balls at short, getting used to the angle of the throw over to first base, and turning double plays. For the most part, I feel very comfortable. More comfortable than I expected actually. I have also been pleasantly surprised at the fielding range I have. Since losing a bunch of weight over the past 2 years, my reflexes are much improved and my movements are quicker and more crisp. I am very confident about my new role. My preseason prediction for Team Bad Guy is 7-3. Bring it on! I love a challenge.

Tuesday rocks!


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