Mark Richards


Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Last Day

This is my last day here at work before I leave to go back up to New Jersey for Thanksgiving. Let me tell you, I cannot wait to get the heck out of here. Not because I do not like Atlanta. Not because I do not like work. Not because Sarah is annoying me. I need to get out of here because I have not had a vacation since last Christmas and New Year's.

Since I live down here in the south and do not get to see my family very often, I like to take a good chunk of time off around the holidays and visit New Jersey. The only problem with this is that I have to save up my vacation days so that I can use almost all of them at once. Therefore, I am left with very little time that I can actually use to take a "real" vacation. Why is going to New Jersey not a "real" vacation? Well, when I am home, I get very little time to relax. I am always doing something whether it is spending time with family, visiting friends, going out to dinner, taking a trip to the city, or one of a host of other things. Relaxing is not an option. I usually get home and need a vacation from my "vacation". Over the last eleven months, I have taken off only four non-holiday days: two for playing sick and two to move in to my new apartment. Not to mention that when I switched jobs two months ago, I stopped working at BioLab on a Monday and began working at UPS on Tuesday. No time off.

I hope to change that this year though. It is my goal to not take time off from work for New Year's anymore thus giving me two to three more days of vacation time, which in turn can be used to do something that allows me to truly get away. There is nothing that I would like more than to actually travel somewhere for a decent amount of time in the middle of the year. I am getting extremely run down having to go through such long spurts without time off.

Bah! But who cares?! I am leaving work right now and could not be happier.


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