Mark Richards


Wednesday, November 05, 2003


Last night, Team Bad Guy had one of its biggest victories with a 19-14 win over the Big Uglies. Not only did we beat a team that we have lost to three straight times, hit the cover off the ball, play solid defense, and overcome a late inning surge spurred by our opponent's excellent hitting, but Team Bad Guy seemed to finally come out and work as one cohesive unit. We played with a confidence that I have not seen from this team before. I am very proud of our guys for the improvements made since the team's inception.

I really wanted this win last night. We have been beaten badly by these guys every time we played them. What was so frustrating about the losses was not that we lost, but how we lost. We just never showed up to play when these guys were standing across the field from us. We have always been plagued by our own poor hitting and/or fielding. I wanted a win so badly that I went as far as to promise victory in an email sent to the team stating that "The Big Uglies will NOT win this game!" I just had a gut feeling that this game was not going to follow the same pattern as its predecessors.

For the season, this win brings our record to 5-4...a winning record with one game remaining! Our final opponent is against a team that we have already beaten once this season and one that we should beat again. But that is what makes this game dangerous. It is very unwise to take any team for granted. Either way, Team Bad Guy will not have a losing season!


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