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Thursday, November 13, 2003

Last Game

Our final softball game of the season did not end as Team Bad Guy would have wished. We got absolutely slammed, 18-6, by the worst team in the league...and we were "mercy ruled"! I played horribly in the field making poor throws, not charging the ball, and not fielding the ball cleanly. This was not exactly the way that I wanted to end our first entire year as a team. Team-wise and personally, this was a major letdown. I hope to play in a winter league so that I can keep my skills sharp for next spring.

  • Through our first two seasons, our record was 1-19, but in our third season, we were able to go .500 with a 5-5 record.
  • Our team scoring is up from 7.1 runs per game to 11.5. You have to score runs if you want to win.
  • My batting average has increased almost 125 points over the three seasons from .424 to .548.

    Room For improvement
  • Currently when we lose, we tend to get killed. In our first season, we were "mercy ruled" five times and in seasons two and three this happened only twice each season. I would like to have this not happen at all next year. I hope that we can play well enough to at least be in every game. Limiting our fielding errors should help our cause.
  • My fielding percentage was excellent through seasons one and two, but in the second half of season three I had trouble fielding the ball cleanly and making good, solid throws. I think a few practices where I have to field sharply hit ground balls right at me and to the left and right will remedy this issue.
  • Most importantly, Team Bad Guy needs to find a new pitcher. Now that Cameron has left for San Diego (do not worry, we sent him off quite well) after pitching 27 games for us, we have nobody that has any game experience. Cam was quite valuable with his ability to get the ball over the plate and not walk very many batters. This will be very difficult to replace.

    I feel very good about the spring (the only season that holds a playoff). Our third season personnel additions made our team much stronger and with a few more tweaks, we should become a contender next year. Good season for Team Bad Guy. Thanks for the hard work team!


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