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Monday, October 27, 2003

Handing Out Some Mad Props

This morning I would like to hand out some mad props to a few individuals who have done or are going to do something that I think is neat.

1. A New Beginning
My parents finally bought a "real" computer: a Dell Dimension Desktop. For the past few years, they have been using an internet-only computer made by iOpener. The machine was suitable for their purposes of checking out their favorite news and sports websites, sending and receiving email, not costing too much money, and not taking up too much space. But in my opinion, this "thing" did not even deserve to be called a computer and I will not even bother getting into the reasons why. I am proud of them though for making this move. They have showed great bravery in learning something new and have proved that they are not that old after all. Over the past few days, my mother has sent me e-greeting cards from Yahoo! and even forwarded a message to me from someone else. Now that is some progress. Keep it up mom and only gets better from here!

2. She Is So Brave
On Saturday night, I dragged Sarah to see "The Texas Chainsaw massacre" with a few friends. She went kicking and screaming saying that she did not like scary movies. Personally, I do not understand why because it is only a is not real! But she complained and moaned and whined constantly about having to go with me. I told her to "buck up" and she did just that. She may have screamed, and covered her eyes, and buried her head in my shoulder, but she survived and that is what counts. I am very appreciative that she went with me and had the guts to sit through a second horror flick with me in as many months. You did well brave one!

3. Farewell My Friend
A good friend of mine, Cameron, is moving to San Diego. Why? The easy answer is to be with his girlfriend, but that is definitely not the only reason. Cameron has lived here in Atlanta his entire life...30 years. He has grown a little tired of his surroundings and wants to see another part of the country before he does not have the chance to do so. His situation is very similar to the one that Sarah was in prior to moving to Atlanta. He will not know anybody in California, he will be moving "close" to his girlfriend, and leaving everything behind that is so familiar to him. But all that does not matter because he is taking a chance that is not really a chance because he is doing it for himself as well as his relationship. I can definitely relate to that and think the move will be good for him. I am happy for him, happy for he and his girlfriend Roz, sad for me, and even more sad for our softball team (now we don't have a pitcher). I will miss the way he runs, the way he dances, the stupid jokes, and his turtle necks. But everything will work out for the best as it always does. Best of luck Cam!

4. Another One Bites the Dust
With one of my high school friends having already signed his life away to a woman, another one has just gotten engaged as well...but this one is slightly different. Eric and his boyfriend (that's right I said boyfriend), Ryan, got engaged this past weekend. This was one of those things that I expected, but did not expect to happen so soon. I do not know exactly what their plans are, but I am still very excited for them. I keep dodging the "engagement bullet" myself, but I am not sure how much longer that will last...I am not feeling as nimble as I used to be. Congrats and best wishes to Eric and Ryan on taking the next step!


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