Mark Richards


Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Another Victory For Team Bad Guy

And while the old win streak ended a couple of weeks ago, a new one began last night. Team Bad Guy pulled off a stunning 12-9 victory over, in my humble opinion, the biggest jerks we have played in three seasons of recreational softball.

Why were they jerks? I am not exactly sure, but I think it has something to do with their cockiness. These guys were much more athletic than us and obviously much stronger. These guys hit about seven homeruns throughout the course of the game! Luckily for us, since we are in the lowest league, each team is only allowed to hit one homerun per game. Any subsequent homeruns count as outs.

So let me take you through this brief adventure: first pitch of the game....homerun! Not bad for us because our opponents only got one run off the one homerun they were aloud in the game. We just shrugged it off. So after they had hit about four of the homeruns in the first two innings, we made a comment to them about being in the lowest league and they gave some tough guy remark about having some guys on their team who have not played in five years. We were like "whatever" and thought we had very little chance of winning. After the first two innings we were down 5-0. But then we realized that they could NOT hit the ball on the ground. Everything they hit was either a deep fly ball out or a homerun (which was now an out). We were still in this game! The next inning we came out and scored six runs, took the lead, and never trailed again. There were a couple of punks on their team that made sarcastic comments like, "Yeah. We should really be in a higher league. We're not even winning." I guess we showed these asses in the end! The truth is though that they should be in a higher league. If their homeruns would have counted, even as solo homeruns, we would have gotten killed.

But who cares about these sandbagging morons?! Another Team Bad Guy victory! 3-4 baby!


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