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Saturday, July 31, 2004

Cubs Get Nomar Garciaparra!

The Cubs acquired Nomar Garciaparra at today's trade deadline in a four team deal.

I first heard about the possibility of this trade a few weeks ago, but all reports had it involving one of the Cubs' starting pitchers, Matt Clement. I was vehemently against that deal since I have the utmost respect for Clement's pitching ability.

As part of the trade, the Cubs sent their current starting shortstop, Alex Gonzalez, and three prospects to the other clubs involved. Alex is a good defensive shortstop, but that is not necessarily what the Cubs needed at this point. A good contact hitter should help immensely. The prospects that the Cubs gave up were not the heart of the minor league clubs either. Pitcher Francis Beltran had a stint with the big league club this year, but his wildness and inability to pitch in difficult situations cost the Cubs a couple of games. Infielder Brendan Harris also had played in a few games this season. I believe he is a natural third baseman (that is where he played when he was called up), but Aramis Ramirez will be manning the Cubs' "hot corner" for many years to come. Although Harris played well, Ramirez made him expendable. This will also give him a chance to succeed in another clubs' farm system.

This trade indicates that the Cubs think they can win it all, since Nomar's contract expires at the end of the year, and I don't think the Cubs can pay him what he will want to re-sign.

Let's hope this is the year Cubs fans!


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