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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Celebrity Golf

Since the team worked so many hours the past few weeks, we all got to take a day or two off this week. I took yesterday off and went to play a little golf up at Legacy, the 18-hole executive course I find so enjoyable. I would prefer not to discuss how the round went (since it went so poorly), but I would like to share a cool story from my experience.

Since I went to play in the middle of the day, my round was moving along rather smoothly...that is until the 14th hole when a foursome a few groups in front of me began playing slowly. I ended up catching the group immediately in front of me and had to wait for them. The group consisted of two middle-aged gentlemen both of whom were pretty good at golf. We began chatting, and they offered to let me join them since the pace of play was so slow. I reluctantly accepted due to my poor play and we went on our way.

A couple holes after joining up, I noticed that one of the guys was wearing a CNN shirt. I asked him if they worked for Turner and they said that they did...down at the CNN me. They said that they did something with the weather on the morning show, but I did not know what that exactly meant. I think they were just trying to play down what specifically they did. I came into work this morning and looked up one of the guys and to my surprise it was Chad Myers, "news and weather anchor for the CNN News Group." I thought it was pretty cool to be playing a round of golf with an on-air CNN personality. At the end of the round, he said that we may see each other again down at Chick-fil-A since he is obsessed with Chick-fil-A chicken biscuits.

That last piece of information about chicken biscuits really plays no part in the story, but I thought it was just an interesting tidbit.


  • You tease me with your refrences to Chick-fil-A, damn you! They just opened one in San Diego though, and I shall journey there soon...

    -The Stork

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:41 PM  

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