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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

My Team Survived

This past weekend, I attended the Clemson/Wake Forest football game where I watched my Tigers barely survive a very dangerous Wake Forest team. My team had to rally late to force overtime, and finally pull it out by a touchdown in double overtime. More excitement than I wanted, but I went into the game fully expecting a battle since Wake should have won two years ago and murdered us 45-17 last year. Either way, a win is a win against an underrated Wake Forest team.

While the outcome of the game was great, I think the best part of my day trip to Clemson was seeing some of my fellow fraternity alumni for the first time in anywhere from 8 to 20 months. It was not great for the obvious reason of getting to catch up with old friends, but because of their reaction when they saw me. I believe the exact words used were, "Holy shit!"...referring to my loss of 60 pounds since our last gathering. What a good feeling that was. I received so many flattering comments, which was nice for my self-esteem and ego.

I plan to be in incredible shape for my wedding in May, and I cannot wait until they see me after my next workout push!


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