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Thursday, September 09, 2004

Fantasy Overload

This is my favorite time of the year: the weather is still warm and all the sports that I love are currently in progress. That's right, it is 85 degrees and baseball, college football, and pro football are kicking into high gear. What does this mean for me? It means something to watch every night of the week and lots of fantasy sports.

While I enjoy fantasy sports more than the average "Joe Sports Guy", I think I am going through fantasy overload. While going through "fantasy overload" sounds like it should be a good time, I find it to be quite overwhelming. As of this morning, I am participating in one baseball league, two NFL football leagues, and one NFL suicide pool at Yahoo!, one NFL football league at CBS Sportsline, one NCAA College Pick'em at ESPN, and one offline NFL suicide pool. Did I miss anything? Oh yeah, and I turned down another College Pick'em. I just could not handle an more than this.

I am definitely having trouble keeping up with who is on each one of my teams and finding the time to make the necessary updates. It may be time to hire an assistant General Manager to help carry the load.


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