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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I'm Bummed

I'm bummed today because I found out that a buddy of mine, Nate, from the gym passed away on Friday. I don't know all the details, but apparently he just collapsed while walking around. He was only 34.

For the last 11 months I have been taking a class at the gym called Aquamarine (exercising using the resistance of the pool) every Tuesday and Thursday. It was the first class I went to when I joined Crunch and the class that I attend on the most consistent basis. The class was fairly new, but there were a few regulars that came every time who seemed to get along well and who all seemed very friendly. So I kept going back. After a few months, I had gotten to know these people and had become one of the regulars myself.

These people were the reason I went to the class. Sarah would get frustrated with me as I would plan my entire schedule around going to Aquamarine. I used to tell her that she didn't understand and that if she came, she would. I finally convinced her to come with me and she enjoyed the everybody immediately including our instructor, David. They're a good bunch of people. Then she understood.

The group of us had a lot of laughs (amidst the running of suicides) for a few months until slowly but surely, the people I had become friends with stopped coming to the class as frequently. I still see these other people working out or in other classes at the gym. Just not at Aquamarine as much. Nate and myself kept on truckin' though. And for many classes over the past two months, it was just he and I left from our little click. That was fine though as he and I always had a good time together.

I don't know much about Nate, but what I do know is that he was a kind and funny guy. I couldn't tell you his last name, but I could tell you when and where he got his last tattoo. I couldn't tell you exactly what his job was, but I could tell you what his favorite restaurant was and what he liked to get there. I could tell you how much weight he's lost and what he did on his trips to California. I had built a relationship with the guy and spent many hours talking to him before, during, and after class.

Anybody that knows me knows that the gym is a huge part of my life. It's always a great escape for me from the rest of the world. I just didn't realize how much the people I came into contact with meant to me until I heard about Nate. I guess it's not a surprise though considering how much time and energy I spend there. It's just really sad that a good guy like Nate passed away at such a young age as he was trying to be healthy so he could live a longer, happier life. Life sucks like that sometimes.

Nate was a good guy and I will miss him. My trips to the gym just won't be the same.


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