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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Stomp the Yard

I'd like to a second to send out mad props to my hip-hop instructor at Crunch, Mike Peele. Mike is an aspiring actor, dancer, model who appears in the movie Stomp the Yard, which opened at #1 this past weekend. His role (Mu Gamma Stepper #4), while not a lead role, was an integral part of the movie. Sarah and I were excited to see him on screen a bunch of times as a member of one of the two main fraternities. The step scenes he was a part of were absolutely awesome. I wish my body could do half of the things that he and the rest of the dancers can do.

To be honest, had Mike not been in the movie, I'm not sure I would have gone to see it. But I am extremely happy that I did. Not only was the dancing excellent, but the story put black culture, education, and family in an extremely positive light. There aren't many movies that portray that message, but it was a perfect way to honor Dr. Martin Luther King.

If any of these topics interest you, I highly recommend the movie.


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