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Monday, June 25, 2007


I've been living in Atlanta now for 5 and a half years and haven't seen too many stars out and about which to me seems strange considering how many well know people live or have homes here. And it's not like Atlanta is the size of New York City, Chicago, or anything like that. The city is really rather small comparatively.

Up until now, I think the only famous person I've seen is Andre 3000 of Outkast. He was at my office doing voice-overs for his show on Cartoon Network. As far as famous Atliens go, Andre is pretty high on the list. But last Wednesday I surpassed him and essentially hit the ATL jackpot when I saw Usher at the Apple Store at Lenox Mall.

I was at the Apple Store to have my MacBook Pro looked at (the CD drive isn't working and the stupid this keeps overheating). As I'm waiting for my appointment at the Genius Bar, I starting walking around the store aimlessly. All of a sudden I turn around and there he is: Usher.

I didn't see anybody flocking to him yet, so I started to wonder if it really was him. A couple of high school kids looked over and confirmed that I wasn't crazy and it was him. I didn't go up and act like a little girl and ask for an autograph, but I call Sarah very discretely and told her the exciting news.

Usher was in the store for about 30 minutes and purchased a MacBook for one of the girls he was with (and no, there was no entourage...only he, a guy, and 2 girls). I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by the Apple employees and the customers in the store. The employees acted with great professionalism (which is good considering they're a bunch of kids/young adults) and nobody went up to him and pestered him. Of course, a few kids asked for an autograph which was cool, but nobody was inappropriate.

And then it was over. Usher left and life went on as usual. I know that's not a very exciting story, but seeing as I don't see many stars here in Atlanta, I found it to be pretty cool.


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