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Monday, May 12, 2003

I am slack

So I've been a little slack as of late...and busy at times as well. But things have finally calmed down now that we are in the new building.

This is my first morning here and I can't even begin to explain how much better it is. First off, my drive is no longer fifty minutes to an hour every morning....with light traffic! I can now roll out of bed and be at work in 25 minutes....with light traffic. A nice change. I no longer work in the basement of a fifty year old building with no windows or fresh air. My cubicle is on the third floor of this gorgeous building where the air is not rancid, musty, and flat-out unhealthy and I have a nice view from my window, which allows for natural sunlight. It'll be pretty cool to know what the weather is like outside or know if the sun even comes up in a day. How novel! Even the cubes are great. Mine is 10 ft. by 8 ft. with sharp looking furniture, and once again, a decent view of I-85. The new foosball table rocks and is exactly the same, a Tornado table, on which I won the foosball tournament at the Fusebox Conference.

This place is just much cooler in general. They'll be more to come as I find out all the new and exciting details about my new workplace.


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