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Thursday, July 10, 2003

My Final Night

Tonight is the final night that I will be alone before Sarah arrives and we begin our cohabitation. That still sounds weird (and not the fact that I used the word cohabitation). Although I like to joke around that I will lose all my freedom and this is the end for me, that is really the furthest thing from the truth. Sarah and I first started dating almost eight years ago and I have been waiting for the events of tomorrow for about as long.

Honestly, over the past few months, I was a little scared about the prospect of living with my girlfriend. Was she always going to be around? Was I going to have any privacy? What if this do not work out? While all are valid fears to some extent, none of them matter. I want to do this, and I finally came to that realization about two weeks ago when I woke up and said to myself, "Hey, this is gonna happen soon. Cool!". Now for the past two weeks, I have had that nervous/excited feeling....ya know the one that you get before a big game or performance? That has been interesting to say the least. So interesting that it made me giddy (yes I just used the word giddy) at times. Then today, I had one final change of emotion. Today, I was just in awe. The magnitude of what we are doing has finally hit me. All my belongings are packed, and tomorrow I will be moving in with my high school!

All these feelings aside, I do know a few things: I am ready for this! We are ready for this! I am very excited!

Pheeeeew! Now with that off my chest, time to go out and have a drink.


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