Mark Richards


Monday, June 16, 2003

The Perfect Season

Last Thursday, Team Bad Guy was robbed by the umpires when they miscalculated the score of the game. The end result: a perfect 0-10 season! In a game that should have went to extra innings with the scored tied at 14, the umpires, using their superior mathematical skills, insisted that we had only 13 runs, thus another loss for us. What can you do?

Our team showed much improvement throughout the season. Defensively, after the first five games, the errors stopped killing us. We were able to catch fly balls, field more ground balls, and understand game situations better. Our batting was up and down all season though. When we couldn't field, we could hit. Then, when we learned to field, we couldn't hit the ball. I think now that we have one season under our belt, we will fair a much better chance in future seasons.

This last game was extremely important for me and my confidence. I went 3-4 at the plate with a double and two singles, and I advanced to second on the throw both times I singled. I ended my personal season on a very high note batting .500 the last 3 games and hopefully it will continue in our second season which starts on July 8th.

Bring on season 2!


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