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Tuesday, October 14, 2003


I'm sooooooooo busy!!! I actually had to work 11 hours yesterday. Can you believe the nerve of these UPS people! They set deadlines and actually want you to meet them...and people do it! Not exactly like BioLab. It's a good thing I get paid by the hour.

But work is not the only thing that has kept me busy. As always, sports has been a big part of my life. Recently, I've been to two Cubs playoff games, a couple of Clemson football games, watched about another six to eight baseball games, and played a couple of softball games (we lost last week by the way). I think Sarah is starting to get annoyed with me. I really appreciate her putting up with all this stuff and even attending some of the festivities at times. It does mean a lot to me.

But on the other hand, does she really have the right to be angry with me? Now, I have never had this problem before living with a female, so I am going to blame it on her: we have a clog in the drain of the shower and I am sure it is because of her stinkin' hair! I took a shower a couple of days ago (I shower more often than that by the way) and when I was done, I was wading in about five inches of water. If things had gotten any worse, I would have considered investing in a snorkel to use while I showered. Better to be safe than sorry. And then Sarah wanted to take a shower at about 10PM. I advised her that it "wouldn't be prudent" (nice....I was able to throw in a Tom Hartenstein catch phrase...old school!) due to the fact that we needed to take showers a mere seven hours later. It would be nasty to have to shower in half a foot of standing water. And then she reminded me that we have two bathrooms and both have garden tubs big enough to take a bath in...which I forgot. Duh! She is so smart. Then, we went out and purchased a Lime-O-Sol clog removing product (owned by BioLab), but attained very little results. I think we are going to have to purchase another product for unclogging the drain and try again.

All of this being said, the moral of the story is: I know I am not perfect. I know I watch a lot of sports. I know I shed myself. But at least when I shed I do not clog things!!!


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