Mark Richards


Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Interview with an Anonymous Pro Baseball Player

In recent months, the news (especially ESPN) has been packed with debate over steroids and their use in Major League Baseball. I found an article on this morning interviewing an anonymous pro baseball player and his thoughts on steroids, the current MLB drug policy, and what he believes will happen with this situation.

I found the article to be quite insiteful and I happen to agree with the majority of the player's views. In no way, shape, or form should players who test positive for steroids be let off the hook. Aside from the fact that the users are corrupting the game of baseball and hurting the livelihood of others by getting an unfair advantage, STEROIDS ARE ILLEGAL!!! Has everyone forgot about this? This does not only go for steroid use though. What about marijuana? Cocaine? All these drugs are illegal and if anybody in this country gets caught possessing or using them, there are stiff legal penalties such as possible jail time. MLB's first-time offense slap on the wrist does not work for me. Now I am not saying that banning them for life or handing them over to the proper authorities so that they can be locked up for a long time is the way to go, but the punishment needs to be swift and stiff. What many people looking at this situation from the outside forget is that while you are enhancing your performance, another person or team's performance is degraded. People lose both money and jobs in this scenario.

I would love to pose a few questions to the steroid users. How does it feel to be taking food off of other people's table? Do you enjoy endangering the welfare of a man's family? Are you proud that you were only able to succeed by cheating?

I hope these cheaters are enjoying their big houses and fancy cars because it is definitely at the expense of another man.


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