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Thursday, February 26, 2004

Bad Weather And Worse

I always seem to get sick around this time year. Luckily I have avoided contracting any illnesses thus far (I probably just jinxed myself). This past weekend the temperature warmed up to 65 degrees and I saw the forecast for this coming Sunday: a very comfortable 65 degrees again. Taking those temperatures into account, the last thing I expected was a snow storm in the middle of the week...but that is what we got. Sarah did not have school today, businesses had late openings, people stocked up on bread and milk...and all for two inches of slush! Very sad.

In a truly sad story, there was a horrible fire at an apartment complex in Clemson. The complex is located directly across the street from the University and houses many Clemson students. The photos from the tragedy are terrible, but luckily nobody was hurt. I have been through some hard times in my life, but nothing of this nature. College is difficult enough without losing everything you own. It is tough for me to fathom what it would be like to have no place to live, no clothes to wear, and no money to help recover. What makes this even worse is that most of the residents probably do not have renter's insurance. My guess would be that at most 25% have insurance due to the fact that many Clemson students come from lower income families, are paying for college themselves, and are college students with little disposable income to begin with.

I wish all the best to those affected by this disaster.


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