Mark Richards


Friday, August 06, 2004

Rockin' Out At Baseball Games

Anybody who has been to or watched a baseball game in recent years will have noticed that players walk from the on-deck circle to the batters box to a personalized theme song...entrance music, if you will. My guess is that this trend started when the popularity of wrestling shot through the roof in the late 90's. Players probably wanted to experience the extra jolt of adrenaline and excitement that occurs when the most popular wrestlers make their way down to the ring: tens of thousands of people screaming for you the second the first note of "your song" plays. It is a very intense few seconds.

That being said, ESPN's Page 3 has compiled a list of at-bat music for a few players on each team. They even give the story behind the selection in some cases.

If I were able to choose an at-bat song for myself for softball, I would probably select a Justin Timberlake or Nelly song.


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