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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Finally Caught Up

With the 2004 PGA Championship on the immediate horizon, I seem to have caught up with the majority of my work. This comes as a big relief due to the number of other commitments I have this week like Adam's going away party (he is moving to Chicago...just in time for the Cubs World Series run) and my final softball game before the playoffs.

Knowing this was going to be a stressful and busy week, I decided to take advantage of my free time this past weekend. I was able to play two rounds of golf with my friend Justin before he goes back to Clemson for grad school. On Saturday I shot a 106 at North Fulton Golf Course and on Sunday I shot a 105 at Bobby Jones...both personal bests. The great thing about the scores were that I still have not played up to my potential during a live round. My putting was horrible. If I could have cut the number of three puts I had in half, I would have broken 100 and maybe even scored in the mid 90's. I am definitely getting better though.

The weekend was a success for other reasons as well. I was finally able to get my hands on an ever elusive blue iPod mini. Well, I did not, but both Robert and Sarah were able to. I could not find one anywhere for months, and then I almost ended up with two. Either way, they both deserve a big thank you for ending my iPod mini drama.


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