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Monday, September 27, 2004

My Time To Gloat

I would say that I am a rather modest person. When I was growing up, I think I may have been the exact opposite though. But I am going to take the next few minutes to self-indulge.

Friday was Turner Sports' annual end of summer picnic and softball tournament (I can hear the groans already..."another softball story!"...shut up this is my blog). Before I get to the softball story, I have a short golf story.

A couple of weeks ago, I was taking a few swings with a pitching wedge here in the office (yes, I have a difficult life) when my boss came walking into the room. He knows that I have only been playing for a few months, but that I have been taking lessons as well. He made a very flattering comment to me about my swing. He said something about how my form was very good and that he was impressed. Obviously that excited me since I was able to impress someone who has been playing for a while. At the picnic, I was chatting it up with one of the business guys for the company and he mentioned that he heard from my boss that I had a really good swing. I was shocked to hear that...not that I had a good swing, but that my boss was impressed enough to tell another person. I found that to be exciting, and that makes me want to work even harder at my golf game now.

Anway, on to the main plot.

I was on the cream team for softball (not like the Dream Team of just referred to the color of the uniform). I really did not know anyone on the team, so I was afraid that I was going to end up sitting the entire time, but that did not end up happening. When assigning players to positions, I spoke up when third base came around...a position I have a lot of experience playing. Nobody else wanted the "hot corner" so it went to me. Lucky for me (and the rest of my team), I had one of my best defensive efforts possibly ever.

When I agreed to play third, I thought I would do an adequate job and at least put my team in a position to win. Apparently I brought my gold glove with me that day. I was making all sorts of plays...fielding popups, line drives over my head, to both sides of me, and right at me, and making dazzling on-the-run grabs of ground balls with a spin and pinpoint accuracy throw to first. I do not know what got into me that day, but whatever I it was, I hope I get a chance to repeat it. Not only was my fielding on the mark, but my batting was pretty good too. I was 3 for 5 in the two games we played, made a relatively acrobatic slide around a tag at thirdbase, and scored the tournament winning run. That is correct...I now know what it feels like to actually win a softball tournament!

Nobody took the tournament overly serious (myself included), but I must say that I had a great day and I was very proud of myself. And I will have you know that I did not brag at the time all this happened. I tried to be as nonchalant as possible...unlike now. Right now I would like to say, "I am great!"

And now, I am done being a braggart.

I should have that out of my system for a long while.


  • Mark,

    You da' man!

    Bill Sims

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:00 AM  

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