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Thursday, April 07, 2005


As I sit here waiting for The Masters to begin (stupid rain), I would like to congratulate my fiance, Sarah, on getting into UGA's master program for Educational Administration and Policy. She received her acceptance letter on Friday and is very excited to begin her classes this summer.

The cool thing about the program is that she does not have to drive the 60 miles up to Athens for the classes. They are all given at UGA's Gwinnett campus 20 minutes up the road. I am extremely excited for her because I know how badly she wanted this. The thing that sucks is that the majority of the classes appear to be scheduled during the week from 5PM to 8:30PM...even during the summer. How does this affect me? Well, since I work until about 5PM that means I will not see her until after her class ends at 9PM! That sucks. We will be ok, though. It is only for a couple days a week for a couple of years.

Now that a close friend of mine and my wife-to-be have been accepted to UGA, does that mean that I am going to become a fan of the school? Absolutely not! Even if I decide to eventually go back to grad school and attend UGA, I will still hate most UGA people with the same fiery passion that they have for driving their pickups through the mud and shooting game. Take that!


  • Hey! And Goooooooooooo Dawgs! (I'll let you finish it).

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