Mark Richards


Friday, July 22, 2005


Lots of crazy shit happened leading up to my attendance at a Connecticut wedding this past weekend. It is actually a small miracle that I made it to the wedding on time and conscious. All of the trouble was worth it though as I got to see my old friend Mike get married.

This was the first wedding that I have attended since my own wedding, and I must say that I was able to enjoy and appreciate the event much more having just gone through the experience myself. Mike and his new wife Regina put together a very nice event if I do say so myself. From my vantage point, all of their guests had a good time (picture proof is still to come)...I know I did! (Thanks open bar!)

I have known Mike since elementary school, which puts our friendship somewhere around twenty years. Despite the fact that I got married less than two months ago, watching a long-time friend get married was an eye-opening experience for me: we must be getting old! That aside, Mike and Regina seem very happy together and appeared to enjoy their big day thoroughly.

Best of luck to them in the future and congrats to the Salemos!


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