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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Birthday Gifts

Sarah and I decided that since the wedding planning was taking up most of our time and energy, instead of getting each other individual birthday gifts (My b-day: 3/15, Sarah's b-day: 4/28), we would invest in something that we both wanted. Together we chose a digital camera: the Canon SD400 to be more specific.

My first real experience using the camera came at "The Orange & White Game", Clemson's spring football scrimmage. It was a perfect day for taking pictures: sunny, clear, and warm. There were a bunch of nice opportunities for taking the camera for a spin like the construction being done on the stadium and the play on the field. The pics came out well considering it was my first time as a photographer.

Now that I have a new camera (thanks me), a new Dell computer to locally store all my pics (thanks Sarah), and a Flickr pro account (thanks Robert), the digital photography revolution is in my grasp.

Game on!


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