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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Yahoo! Teachers

I read on Ars Technica about a cool new service/app called Yahoo! Teachers. The site hasn't gone live yet, but you can pre-register for an invitation right now. In a nutshell, the site is a social networking site that allows teachers to post and share lesson plans, images, worksheets, and just about anything else you can think of. There's a sneak peak video if you want a short preview.

From the Ars Technica article, this service seems like a perfect to tool to help teachers save time and energy, and improve classroom lessons through resource sharing. It appears that Yahoo! was extremely thorough in their application design as it includes state by state curricula and grade-level standards. Even from the standpoint of just having digitally saved copies of lessons and worksheets, teachers now have a vehicle to aid in productivity.

My only problem with Yahoo!'s new business is that Sarah and I came up with the exact same idea ourselves (including the standards inclusion and social networking) 6 months ago! This is the second business that we have come up with, but not implemented, that has become successful in the past year. We need to follow through on one of these ideas someday and become wildly rich.



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