Mark Richards


Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Slowly But Surely

Team Bad Guy is right. We are bad. We used to be very bad, but now we are just bad. Last night, our softball team fell to 0-6 by losing 20-10. The score seems much worse than the actual outcome. In our last outing, we made it to the fourth inning before collapsing...a new record. Team Bad Guy one-up'd itself and took another step forward by collapsing in the top of the sixth inning. We almost played an entire game without having the mercy rule come into play. Entering the sixth, our outfield made the plays they needed to make, which changed the outlook of the entire game, thus we trailed by only four runs, 8-4. We recorded the first two outs in the field with relative ease and no extreme damage. But then the softball fairy came and took all of the ball skills that we showed the previous five innings. We couldn't catch a fly ball, field a ground ball, hit the cutoff man, or make the throws to the necessary bases. To top it all of, our opponents learned how to hit the ball, which didn't help the cause. In the end, the game ended up like the rest...with us on the losing end, hanging our heads in shame.

Oh the pain!


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