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Monday, June 02, 2003

I'm Officially Broke

Well it's official...I'm broke! That's not exactly true, but my wallet did take some serious damage this weekend with the purchase of a new car and even more furniture. I would talk about the sleeper sofa and coffee table I bought but that would be boring. So let me jump ahead to the fun new car!

Let me start this all off with a little story. I had been looking at cars for the past few days, but had not decided whether or not I was going to go through with purchasing a new car. But Friday morning changed everything. I was running a couple of minutes late to work and run out to my Camaro and attempted to start it up. I put the key in the ignition and turn it....nothing. So I shut off the radio and turn the key again...nothing. Then I shut off the air/defrost and tried again...nothing. Finally, I dimmed the lights in a last ditch attempt to use as little power as possible and tried again...nothing. I had exhausted every method I could come up with to get my car started with no results. I sat in my car kicking and screaming for a few minutes and tried to start the car five minutes later. It did start, but then stalled...not once....not twice...but three times. And that was the last straw. How much longer was my American piece of crap car with 90,000 miles going to last? I wasn't going to find out, thus my decision was final. My purchase: The 2003 Nissan Altima 2.5 S.

I've only had it a few days, but I am extremely pleased with my decision. First off, the car looks sweet inside and out. The exterior is sleek and sporty, yet has a sense of class, while the chrome features of the interior gives the car a ritzy feeling. More importantly, the car runs very smoothly and quietly and is immensely safer than my previous car. In my opinion I made a very sound purchase.


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