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Monday, July 21, 2003

Lessons and More

To be quite honest, I have been extremely busy with all sorts of shopping and projects at work, which have caused me to not be able to post as much as I like.

About a week and half ago, on my final night of freedom, I went to Lava in midtown with a bunch of friends. There was a photographer for a local website there and I was asked to pose for a picture. Take a look at the picture of me and a few lady friends over at (fourth picture down).

Living with my girlfriend has been a learning lesson thus far, but not all of the lessons have been about women and relationships. Sarah and I have said that we want to take cooking classes because neither of us really know how to cook, nor do we cook interesting meals even when we do make an attempt. In a very kind gesture, Sarah went on the internet and found a recipe for pesto-like spread to put on meat. She bought the ingredients and when I got home from work we gave it a try. The recipe called for two cloves of chopped garlic. We chopped up the two pieces, which we thought to be cloves, and continued cooking. I was about to combine all the ingredients, when Sarah says to me, "doesn't that look like a lot of garlic?" I agreed, but we decided to just proceed anyway. Once the entire mix was made, I took a taste of it an began to gag. Holy vampire repellent Batman! This stuff that we made was so strong that it would have killed plant life. But there was not anything we could do at this point, so we still used the spread on our meat....just sparingly. It was pretty good despite the overpowering garlic taste. I came into work the next day and told my manager, David, the story and he agreed that we put the correct amount of garlic in the mix. Still doubting that we were right, David and I looked up garlic on the Internet. Here's what we found: 1 bulb of garlic has about 10-12 cloves of garlic. We had used two bulbs of garlic and put in at least ten times as much garlic as the recipe called for! Ahhh....our first cooking lesson.

I am sure I will learn a lot more over the next few months and years, but that is all for now.

...oh more thing...chicks use a whole heck of a lot of toilet paper.


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