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Tuesday, September 16, 2003

A Lot To Say

Man do I have a lot to say. Part one of who knows how many.

The past few weeks have been so hectic here at work amongst other things. I am working on a project here that I need to finish up as soon as possible. The reason? I have accepted a position over at UPS and begin working on Tuesday, September 23. That only give me a few days to tie up all loose ends here at BioLab.

I must say that I am very excited about almost everything that this position has to offer. The position is at UPS's Corporate Headquarters, which is about eight miles from where I currently live. I can take backroads or highways and the travel will only be between ten and fifteen minutes long. I will be making a considerable amount more money during the six month contract portion of my work and then good money when I become a full-time employee after that. The money is nice, but not my reason for leaving BioLab or going to UPS....but money is nice. Also, the internal structure at UPS allows for some positive upward advancement in the future, which is something that I am looking for in a long term situation (there is no room for advancement at BioLab). Combine all these factors with the fact that I want to move on and learn new skills in a new environment, I believe this will be an excellent career move for me.

I have been speaking with a UPS recruiter now for over a month and when I tell people about the opportunity, I must mention the fact that there is one thing that bothers me about UPS and working at their Corporate Headquarters: the dress code. As an employee of UPS, I am not allowed to wear an earring. Not a problem. I cannot have any facial hair....clean shaven. Not a problem, especially since I have never had facial hair because it is so splotchy. I am required to wear a suit and tie four out of five days a week....BIG PROBLEM!!! Everybody laughs when I say this. They tell me I am being ridiculous. Here's the deal: wearing suits to work is rarely done anymore. Now I could see if I was dealing with clients or had to be presentable, fine. But that is not the nature of what I do. I sit in front of the computer for the majority of the day and program. It is going to be so freakin' uncomfortable to program for nine hours a day in a stinkin' suit! I can almost guarantee that I will be less productive. Not to mention that I am going to have to go out and purchase a few more suits, since I only have one.

Anyways, although this suit wearing thing is going to aggravate me, I cannot express how excited I am that this job has gone through. It will be tough to leave my friends at BioLab, but I know they are true friends and am not really leaving them.

There is always softball, weekends, weekday nights, pool parties, cookouts, football game, etc., etc., etc.


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