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Monday, August 25, 2003

Visits From Friends

The past two weekends have been so much fun. I have had the chance to see some old friends that I do not usually get to see due to the fact that we live so far away.

Last weekend my friend Justin came into town from Columbia. Justin was and still is my best non-fraternity friend from Clemson. We have done some fun stuff together like going on road trips for football games, making counterfeit basketball tickets, and all the normal college fun that people have. But I had not seen Justin for almost two years because once I graduated and moved down to Atlanta, he moved over to Columbia, and I have very little reason to go to a place like Columbia. So when he emailed me a few weeks ago saying that he wanted to come visit, I jumped at the chance to see him.

I was happy he was able to come into town. We went over to the Braves/D-backs game and watched Randy Johnson get shelled Friday night (sucks for my fantasy team), watched the Cubbies get killed on national TV (sucks because we are both huge Cubs fans), and almost went over to the Falcons game but decided against it (sucks because we would have seen Mike Vick's leg injury...not like that is a good thing). I know it was a sports-filled weekend, but that is ok because I am a sports fanatic and so is Justin.

All in all, it was a fun weekend (even though I had some bad fortune as it pertains to sporting events) and nice to be able to catch up with him since we do not get to talk that often. I will have to try and keep in better contact with him.

More to come on my exploits with this past weekend's visitors.


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