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Monday, August 11, 2003

Good Weekend

This weekend was a good weekend. Friday night we did that cool bowling thing with the lights turned down and the dance music blaring. I bowled well the first game, but my second game was rather disappointing. I wish I could say that it was the beer that made me play worse, but that was not the case. To make matters even worse, Sarah bowled her best game ever, a 124, in the second game thus beating the other eight people playing. And while some people had lost too much coordination from the alcohol to bowl well, once again...not me. How embarrassing! I lost by 44 pins! To my girlfriend! To a girl! Who usually stinks! I hope they do not take away my "man card".

Saturday morning consisted of errands: grocery store, oil change, haircut. Nothing too exciting. But in the afternoon, Sarah and I invited a bunch of people over to come hang out by the pool. I forgot to buy a football for the pool again, so we resorted playing with the pool noodles that are out there for everyone. We grilled out, swam a whole heck of a lot, and just chilled in the sun (that is an oxymoron by the way). I find that spending all day in the sun and swimming in the pool is extremely tiring, so I just stayed in a watched movies all night.

Yesterday I had my first real break in a month. Sarah started school this morning so she was up in her classroom preparing all day leaving me at home all day...alone. How peaceful. I had the opportunity to watch the "Harry Pottter and the Chamber of Secrets" finally since Sarah is not as interested in the whole Harry Potter craze as I am. Oh well, her loss. That reminds me, I finished the first Harry Potter book last weekend. I would have to say that the movie was better than the book. The book has almost 300 pages of buildup and about a five page climax, whereas in the movie, the climax was at least a little longer and more visually descriptive. But that has nothing to do with my weekend.

And now back to the daily grind.


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