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Tuesday, September 02, 2003

More Friends Visit

Last week with the holiday weekend and the beginning of the college football season approaching, sitting down and making a post was the last thing I wanted to do. But now, after having to drive for four hours and get sunburn at the worst Clemson game during my tenure as a fan, I may have even less motivation to post than before, but I have to talk about this before everyone loses interest.

A couple of weekends ago, a few high schools friends came down from New Jersey to visit Sarah and I, and check out our lives down here in the ATL. I met Lee many years ago when we were both in Boy Scouts together. We were pretty close back then until he started dating my ex-girlfriend and then...not so much. Since then, Lee has become my "partner in crime". Sarah thinks that he is a bad influence on me at times (but not in a bad way...he makes me more obnoxious), but I think it is all in her head. I met Rachel through Sarah back when we started dating. She has been dating one of my best friends for a while now and I have grown close to her via my relationships with Sarah and Greg. Anyways, Lee and Rachel (who Adam thought was hot) drove down fourteen hours and got into town on Friday early in the evening. We had plans to take them to one of our favorite restaurants, Twist, for some good drinks and sushi. I did not want to make reservations because I did not know when they would get into town, so we had to wait for an hour to be seated, which sucked, but it was well worth the wait though (as always) because everything there is sooooo good! This place was perfect for Lee especially...drinking, hot women in scantily-clad clothing, and sushi. The perfect combination. After dinner we capped off the evening with a trip to club "1150" and the newly remodeled "Eden", which now resembles the cool Miami nightclubs according to Robert.

Earlier in the day on Friday, I received a surprise phone call from another friend from home, Eric. I had spoken to him a few months ago and he mentioned that he may be coming into town, but I never heard anything and just assumed that he would not be making the trip. But that was not the case. He said that there were some issues with his plans and was not sure if they would go through, but at the last minute they did. So since he was going to be in town, I invited him to the pool party I was having the next day. The pool party turned out to be the biggest one of the season thus far, which was even cooler. The majority of my friends from Atlanta were there, as were Rachel and Lee, and Eric and a few of his friends. I had a blast drinking, grilling, and getting to catch up with my friends that I do not get to see very often. I have some pics from the pool that I will put up later.

Sunday came around and Lee and Rachel were preparing to leave. Lee has been looking into attending a southern school for his doctorate in a few years so he wanted to check out Emory. We drove over to the campus and to our excitement it was freshman move-in day! It was so funny remembering what it was like our first day of college: meeting new people, moving into the dorms, walking around lost on campus. So we decided to live it up a little and follow the flow of people to the student center. When we got there, there were lines for orientation meetings, students buying books, and families getting food together. At the front of the bookstore were stacks of boxes color coded for guys and girls. Everybody decided that they wanted one and took a box for themselves. I obviously did not want one because I knew what would be in it. What the heck was I going to do with cheap stick deodorant, gum, and fliers for nothing useful? But everybody else seemed pleased with the boxes...I guess that's all that matters.

I would say that the weekend as a whole was a "smashing success" (to steal a phrase from Adam). It was very cool being able to give some old/close friends a glimpse of what our lives are like now and even better to get to spend some quality time with people I really care about. I hope more friends get to visit in the future because I had a blast!


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