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Tuesday, September 23, 2003

New Job

Today was my first day at UPS. I must admit that it was very sad to leave BioLab and not see all the familiar faces early in the morning as I have over the past two years. But my first day was exciting...well at least as exciting as first days can be.

As always, it was a pain in the arse trying to get set up with all the necessary application logins, security, and software installed on my computer. Therefore, much of the day I sat around getting acclimated to the new environment and systems I will be working on. When I first arrived, I received the nickel tour of the entire facility. The building is extremely nice and has some cool amenities like a Wachovia ATM, cafeteria, and covered parking garage. Although some of the reasons that were supposed to make me want to stay at BioLab were missing (the free coffee, "virtual game room", and ample parking), I survived the day without much longing for any of them. During the tour of the building, I ran into some familiar faces: Jason Barker whom I worked with at BioLab for a while and Paul Bradbury with whom I have played paintball. While I do not know too many people at UPS, knowing anybody at all made me feel much more comfortable in my new environment.

Obviously there is a whole lot to be said about my new job, but way too much to write after a long and tiring first day. One final note about the day though: the whole suit thing is not that bad...just a slight pain. I think this will be an excellent career move for me and I cannot wait to dive head first into all these new experiences.

Time to get ready for softball.


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