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Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Good Day

Now yesterday was a good day.

First off, the Yankees lost. When the Yankees play poorly, lose their home field advantage, and will now have to play their very best to the advance to the next round of the playoffs, I get really excited. It was a good day.

Secondly, Team Bad Guy wins again! We finally have a win streak (2) and our season record is at .500, which is so cool. We were down 7-0 after the first half inning, down 16-6 in the fourth inning, and won in the bottom of the last inning 17-16 in the final at bat. Pure excitement! I played fairly well in the field, despite my first fielding error in three seasons, and went 3 for 3 at the plate with a sacrifice fly and 2 RBI's. It was a good day.

Finally, CUBS WINS!!! I was able to watch the first few innings on TV prior to leaving for my softball game. At that point my Cubbies were down 1-0. When my softball game was over, I rushed back to the car to check the final score. To my astonishment, the game was still on and the Cubs were winning 4-1! I raced home to see the final inning and a half and watch the Cubs win their first road playoff game since 1945. Could this be the year? Only time will tell.

It was a good day.


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