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Friday, December 05, 2003

Casino Night

Last night, my apartment complex had "Casino Night" for its holiday party. Sarah and I went over a few minutes after the party started and spent almost four hours there! Here's how it worked. To start off, all the residents are given $20,000 each in fake money. And because Sarah and I were together, and she does not care for gambling, I really had $40,000 myself. We then take the money to one of the four game tables (2 blackjack, 1 roulette, 1 craps) where the dealer gives out chips of different values for our money. At the end of the night, the money and winnings could be used to purchase raffle tickets for eight different prizes. I thought the whole idea was pretty neat. I have heard of casino parties, but never expected our apartment complex to have one.

A couple of interesting things happened throughout the course of the night. As I was playing Blackjack, Sarah was standing behind me helping me out and looking around at the other people. She sees this one guy who looks rather familiar to her and looks at him rather strangely. The guy looks back at her as if he knew her, but could not place the face. He then looks at me as I am playing cards, recognizes who I am, comes over and taps me on the shoulder. It was Adam Dansky! First off, Adam is a guy that I went to high school with and had not seen in almost ten years. Then, out of the blue, he shows up to play in our annual Thanksgiving break football game a week ago. I only had a few seconds to speak with him though. Then, even more out of left field than our last encounter, he ends up at my apartment complex in Georgia! What the hell is that about?! This time we had more of an opportunity to talk and learned that he is working for CBS in midtown here in Atlanta and that he ended up at my complex because he has a friend that lives only a couple of buildings away in the same complex! Talk about completely random. It is such a small world.

So after the initial shock and excitement from the first event had worn off, I returned to playing Blackjack. I did fairly well and ended up with $90,000 in fake money, which I traded in for nine raffle tickets. Sarah and I did not think that we had a chance of winning considering some people had upwards of forty tickets. But we stuck around anyways just to see what happened. They went through the first seven raffles which included $100 gift certificates to Target and Home Depot and $200 off January rent...all losers for us. And then came the eighth and final raffle...and low and behold...we won $200 off our January rent! That just topped of such a sweet night. First we beat the odds in seeing a random person from River Edge, then we beat the odds and actually won while gambling, and finally we beat them one more time by winning a raffle where we had only nine tickets! How cool is that? I do not know why I always win, but over the last two years, I have won six or seven different raffles. I think I need to start playing the lottery.

What an excellent start to the weekend.


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