Mark Richards


Thursday, March 25, 2004

More Hits

And the "hits" (air quotes) just keep on coming...

  • We lost our softball game on Tuesday 17-13. Not that bad considering we made about ten fielding errors, did not hit the ball well, and had umps that were a combined 200 years old. These umps were ridiculous though. The ump in the field looked like Santa: red jacket, white facial hair, green neck warmer, about 80 years old. The ump behind certainly was not any better: 90 years old, blind as a bat, barely movable limbs. This guy was so blind he was asking the catcher if the pitch was a ball or strike. We stood no chance.

  • Last night, some jackass hit my front bumper..again. It was in a parking lot....again. My car was not moving....again. I am pissed off...again.

  • I told a co-worker that I would go play a round of golf with him this Sunday morning. I can barely hit the ball with my driver. I think I am in trouble.

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