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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

My First Round of Golf

About four years ago, I went out to play 18 holes of golf with my college friend Justin. I had never really played before: no clubs, no lessons, no prior experience. I was pretty bad...obviously. So when one of my co-workers invited me to play a round of golf with him this past weekend, needless to say, I was rather nervous. Would this time be different? I had taken a couple of lessons and would that prove to be the difference between a successful outing and unsuccessful one? It is difficult to say, but I believe things turned out well.

From what I have heard, a score of 100 is the score for the average golfer. I shot a 120 on my first "real" time out on a golf course: 62 on the front 9 and 58 on the back 9. The guys I played with have been playing for over a year and said that I did an incredible job for my first time since they only shot a 115 and 118. I will take their word for it. I really struggled around the green though and could have made better shots, but that will all come with time.

My proudest moment of the day came on the third shot of a par 3 hole. I shanked my second shot and thought I lost the ball in the creek. To my surprise the ball landed on a small ledge above the creek, but below the course level and in some very thick grass. Showing no beginners fear whatsoever, I grabbed my 9 iron and chipped the ball out about 80 yards to within 15 feet of the cup and a putt for par! It was really cool to make a shot like that under such poor circumstances. But then it was time to putt. How did that end up? It depends on what point of view you take. The ball stopped on the edge of the cup about half an inch from dropping for par! It was so exciting.

Thus far, I am enjoying playing golf even more than I expected. I have got that "bug" now and I do not think it is going to go away any time soon.


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