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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

We Got Screwed

Last night, Team Bad Guy got screwed out of a chance at a victory by an adding mistake by the umpire. Entering the fifth inning, our team had scored 16 runs. During the inning, the 2 through 8 batters came to the plate, which is a total of eight batters. Well, if you add up the three outs we eventually made and the one runner left on base, that leave four batters...THAT ALL SCORED!!! The adding-deficient umpire only gave us three runs though, thus leaving us with only 19 runs. We eventually lost the game 20-19.

Honestly, I can handle losing...sometimes. And I know this rec softball league is supposed to be for fun, but who the heck wants to lose like that? And you know what? I can even handle when people make mistakes because everybody makes them...even I do ( not tell anybody). What pissed me off the most was when we discovered the problem, and tried to bring it up with the ump, he would not even listen to us. He asked the other team what we had and of course they said 19 runs. The ump then stopped listening and ordered everybody onto the field despite the fact that our evidence was indisputable. Thanks for taking the time to check it out, jackass!

Team Bad Guy currently holds a 1-2 record and now desperately needs a victory next week. The good news is that the entire team has been producing offensively and scoring runs has not been an issue. The team could easily be 3-0, but an error and a bad call here and there have cost us. The current cast of characters is easily the best team we have put on the field to date, and I feel confident that we can turn this around in time to make the playoffs.

Correction: We sent batters 2 through 9 to the plate. We batted 10 players that game and the last batter led off the next inning. Thus the 9th batter made the final out.


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