Mark Richards


Friday, January 16, 2004

The Fitness Kick

I think I have done it, but I will not know for sure until next week. I think I have gotten myself into a regular workout routine. I have now worked out six days in a row doing both cardio and weight training during my sessions. It is not my goal to workout that often, but I feel five days a week is a good way to jumpstart my new fitness kick.

The goal: lose thirteen pounds before I go to Las Vegas on April 1. Is that even possible? I am not sure because right now I have a basement weight that is about ten pounds above my goal. I have worked my behind off and have yet to crack that mark. Here is my logic though. Since I stopped working out and dieting hard core about at year and a half ago, I have only gained three pounds back. My body appears to have settled in and is very comfortable at my current weight. Now, if I return to working out and watching my diet more closely, I should start losing weight again, right? Makes sense, but we will just have to see if my body is going to agree with my logic.


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