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Monday, January 05, 2004

The Holidays Are Over

Now that the holiday season is over, this is a good time to reflect upon all that has happened since I have been back from New Jersey:

  • A small group of us went to Twist, a sushi restaurant, for New Year's Eve dinner. For dessert, we split the chocolate fondue as we usually do. Let me tell you, this stuff is awesome. The chocolate is so rich and tastes just heavenly. I am happy that we got a fondue pot for the holidays (if you ignore how fattening the various types of fondue are), so that we can now make chocolate and cheese fondue. Mmm mmm good.

  • On New Year's Eve, I had the pleasure of watching two chicks kiss at the bar we were at, Halo. They obviously had too much to drink, but it was extremely funny to watch. My observation: while I would definitely not do that with another guy, two females doing the exact same thing seems quite different.

  • New Year's would not be complete without people puking all over the city of Atlanta. That is exactly what a couple of Sarah's friends did shortly after midnight. It was rather gross, but I guess that means everyone had a good time.

  • My Clemson football team smoked the Tennessee Vols in the Peach Bowl here in Atlanta 27-14. It was a blast not having to travel anywhere to go to my team's bowl game, especially when it was to see a great win where we did not trail once in the game.

  • The temperature here in Atlanta a couple of days before New Year's and a few days after has been about 70 degrees. That is crazy warm yo yo (I probably should not use slang like that because I sound ridiculous) for this time of year even in this part of the country. I love the South.

  • I visited Stone Mountain for the first time while Sarah's friends from Chicago were in town. It was gorgeous standing on top of the mountain overlooking the Georgia woods and city of Atlanta. It really made me miss all the times I have been camping and hiking. I should try and get back to nature at some point during this year.

  • On a sadder note, Sarah's grandfather passed away a few days ago. She traveled home to New Jersey to be with her family and attend the funeral on Monday and will be returning later today. I wish her and her family my best.


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