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Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Back in Atlanta

I am back in Atlanta after being in New Jersey visiting family for a week. Come to think of it, I am not sure if I went up to visit family or to just eat tons of unhealthy food and gain five pounds. I had a good time seeing my family and friends though, which is cool considering I do not get to see them often. That is part of my New Year's resolution though: to see my New Jersey friends and family four to five times this year. This past year I only got home for Thanksgiving and Christmas and I do not feel that is enough of a commitment from me. I need to take the time to go back up at least one more time a year, and see if I can get friends or family to come visit me down here.

It feels good to be back at home though, but being back at home means that I have returned to work. Blah blah blah. Having to work stinks. Speaking of work, I was offered a full-time position a few weeks ago here, but decided to turn it down. Why would I turn down a management job, a well paying job, and job security in a down economy? Well, there are many reasons, but the prime one happens to be that I am not ready to tackle the responsibilities of management at this point in my career. If I take the management road at this point in time, I will end up completely out of the technical realm within five years. I do not wish to start down this path so early in my career. Someday, I will be ready to jump from the tech side of things over to the management side, but now is not the time. To be honest, there is another reason that I turned down the position, but I cannot say anything for another couple of weeks.

Sarah has been pestering me....and I mean really pestering me (did I say that out loud?) figure out what we are doing for New Year's because she has friends coming in to town from Chicago and wants them to have a good time. So I finally picked up the phone to call some of my friends and see what their plans were. The second person on my list was Handsome Brian. We were just about done discussing New Year's when he tells me that he got engaged! I was like "Damn! I was not expect that!" His fiance Rachel is very cool. I happen to like her a lot and wish them the best of luck. That being said, ALL MY FRIENDS ARE GETTING ENGAGED!!! As if the pressure from friends and family was not enough, now I have to deal with the added social pressure of having all these friends that are getting engaged. What is a handsome (possibly even dashing) young man like myself to do? The answer: wait until the time is right.


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