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Monday, February 02, 2004

Super Bowl Sunday

Last night was Super Bowl XXXLMCXLVMCVIII...this Roman numeral crap has gotta stop because it is getting out of control. Sarah and I hosted a bunch of our friends for the event at our place. We enjoy hosting and thought that our guests would enjoy watching the game on our wide screen TV in high definition while eating some fine unhealthy meats on our new indoor grill. As far as the game goes, I was rooting for the Carolina Panthers, even though I thought the Pats would win. It is not that I dislike the Patriots, but since I went to school in South Carolina I have a bunch of friends who are Carolina fans, thus I was showing my allegiance to them by pulling for the Carolina Panthers.

I have to say that the game was excellent: two teams with tough defenses, underrated offenses, and coaches who have succeeded despite not having any "big name" players. Some people will tell you that the majority of the first half was boring, but I say that you must appreciate the fact that both are very good defensively and make most opposing offenses rather "boring". This game was exciting from start to finish with neither team ever really getting a decisive advantage over the other...just the way football should be played.

You know what was boring? The Super Bowl commercials. I cannot remember seeing such a poor set of advertising and marketing during such a high profile event. I do not know if the commercials were too expensive for some companies, if companies thought that nobody would watch the game because it did not involve two big market teams, or some other reason that I cannot fathom, but they just utterly sucked. You know what else sucked? Seeing Janet Jackson's breast. Why would anyone want to see the breast of a has-been (and barely was) artist like Janet Jackson? Her music has always been overrated and watching her 80's dance act at halftime did nothing for me and I am sure it did nothing for the beer guzzling fans in the stands. You what would not have been boring or sucked? Pulling the same strip stunt with Beyonce she has got talent!

At least all of this crap by CBS, big American companies, and cheap PR stunts have taken the focus away from the most important thing: the New England Patriots are the Super Bowl champs and they beat a damn fine Carolina Panther team to do it.


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